Package jimm.twice.xml.dom

Contains a set of classes that provide a DOM-type way of building XML documents.


Class Summary
Doctype This simple doctype does not support any entities because we don't use any in ICE XML documents.
Document This is a simple document class that only supports what we need.
Element The abstract base class of almost all XML entites.
InlineFile This element writes the contents of a file without reading the contents into memory all at once.
NamedAttributes An abstract superclass for entities with names and attributes.
NamedElement An abstract superclass for entities with names.
Node A document contains a (possibly empty) tree of nodes.
ProcessingInstruction Used for all processing instructions except '' (for that use XMLDecl).
Tag An XML tag with attributes.
Text This rather stupid text element always encloses its output within a CDATA tag.
Utils Utility methods useful when dealing with creating XML.
XMLDecl Only used for the '' processing instruction.

Package jimm.twice.xml.dom Description

Contains a set of classes that provide a DOM-type way of building XML documents. This is not a real DOM implementation. For example, the Doctype class does not support entities, the XMLDecl class does not support the encoding or standalone attributes, and the Document class does not allow an epilogue (miscellaneous tags after the close of the root node).

Call Document.toString to retrieve the XML string or Document.writeTo to write the XML string to a The latter method avoids building the strings in memory, which is especially useful when you are building a large XML document containing data such as inline file contents.

The decidedly non-DOM class InlineFile is a kind of text element that holds a File. It never loads the entire contents of the file in memory, but streams the contents to a from the file on disk instead. By default, an inline file is base64 encoded.