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1 Introduction

TwICE is a Java implementation of the Information and Content Exchange (ICE) protocol version 2.0. It implements an ICE syndicator (publisher) and ICE subscriber. TwICE may be useful as a reference implementation or a public syndicator and subscriber for testing.

TwICE was developed based on "The Information and Content Exchange (ICE) Protocol Specification Version 2.0". This document set may be found on the ICE Standard Web page.

The Information and Content Exchange (ICE) is an XML-based protocol for content syndication and subscription. For more information, see the ICE Standard Web page.

This project is called "TwICE" because it is both the second ICE implementation I have written and because it is the second Java reference implementation. The first implementation I wrote is called "Rice"; it was written in Ruby. See the Rice Web site for more information. The first Java reference implementation, "icecubes", is much more complete than TwICE. Why write TwICE? Precisely because it is simpler; it should implement most of what most people need, instead of being a complete (and more complex) full-blown implementation. For more information on icecubes, see its SourceForge project page.

For pointers to information about Java, ICE, XML and more see Resources.

TwICE 2.X is developed and maintained by Jim Armstrong, j_armstrong@users.sourceforge.net. TwICE 1.X was developed and maintained by Jim Menard, jimm@io.com.

1.1 Recent Changes

Here is the summary of the major changes in version 2.0.0.

1.2 Conventions

File and directory names are printed using a monospace font.

Text that will be substituted with a user-defined value is printed using italics.

The name "Unix" is used to refer to all Unix-like operating systems such as Linux, Solaris, BSD, and MacOS X.

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