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2 Installing TwICE

TwICE 2.0 was developed using the Tomcat web server and Axis SOAP engine. Any web server that supports JSPs should also work. Some minor code changes are probably necessary to use a different SOAP engine. The following instructions assume that Axis was installed as a Tomcat web application under the webapps/axis subdirectory. The Apache Ant build tool was used to compile and install TwICE. The install target in the Ant build file is written to install TwICE in the webapps/axis subdirectory also. Other configurations are possible.

2.1 Dependencies

ICE 2.0 was defined as a web service using WSDL and XML Schema. Most of the TwICE 2.0 Java classes representing these XML datatypes were generated using the Axis WSDL2Java tool. These classes reside in org.icestandard.ICE.V20.* packages. These files are dependent on the Axis SOAP engine. Classes in jimm.twice.* packages are hand-written. Classes in jimm.twice.ice.* and jimm.twice.util.* packages generally do not have dependencies. Classes in jimm.twice.syndicator.* and jimm.twice.subscriber are more dependent on the Axis SOAP engine.

TwICE 2.0 was developed using Java 1.4.2. TwICE also requires an XML parser. For convenience, the XML parser that comes with the Java Runtime Environment is used by default. Other XML parsers should also work with minimal configuration changes.

Axis can be found at the Axis web site Ant can be found at Ant web site If you want to run the TwICE syndicator or subscriber GUI, you will need a Web server such as Tomcat that supports JSP and Servlets. Tomcat can be found on the Tomcat web site.

If you want to run the TwICE tests, you will have to install JUnit. JUnit can be found on the JUnit Web site. You will also have to edit the Makefile and change the variable TEST_CLASSPATH to point to the JUnit JAR file on your system.

2.2 Extraction

Extract the distribution from the archive file named twice-version.tar.gz. When you do, a directory named twice-version is created. You may create or move this directory anywhere you wish.

To extract the distribution, type tar -xzf twice-version.tar.gz. If you have a version of tar that doesn't have the -z option, then you will need to uncompress the .tar.gz file first.

2.3 Configuration

Edit the file twice.properties. You should replace the Universally Unique Identifiers (UUID) for the syndicator and subscriber. You also may edit any other value you wish.

To generate a new UUID under Unix, try the uuidgen command.

2.4 Installation

To install the JSP, JAR, XML, and properties files so they are useable by Axis under Tomcat:

2.5 Testing

Optionally test the installation (JUnit must already be installed):

$ $TOMCAT_HOME/bin/startup.sh
$ make test

The tests must be run after installing TwICE. Some of the tests communicate with the subscriber and the syndicator via the HTTP interface. For that reason, Tomcat must be running.

In addition, the tests will fail if you have run TwICE and obtained a subscription from the syndicator. This is because the test code currently assumes that the syndicator has no subscribers.

If you recompile and reinstall TwICE, you should use the command make install-clean instead of make install. Doing so deletes the old log and permanent storage directories.

If you just want to clean out the persistent storage and logs, you can run the script bin/cleanup.sh.

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